Support for the Implementation of REACH.

REACH Consulting means to recognize that it is often better not to do everything by oneself.

There are many good reasons for REACH Consulting, i.e. to seek advice and support from a REACH consultant:

  • The experts working in your company are already needed for other tasks and their number would need to be increased,
  • The expert knowledge needed for REACH is not sufficiently available in-house.
    • Training would take too long.
    • New hires are no reasonable option.
  • The risk to ignore something or to make mistakes should be reduced.
  • You want to maintain your successful business also under REACH.

An allround no-worry package for REACH offered by a consultant may seem to be attractive, if this can be realistic at all. But such an approach might endanger your business and be very expensive. We propose you and your staff to be integrated into the REACH implementation process. Thus not only the expenses for REACH can be reduced but also the successful implementation is better assured.

And please bear in mind: Even if you engage the best consultant employing the best experts, you remain responsible for the safety of your products. By the way — it is recommendable that the selected consultant not only has good knowledge of REACH but also extensive experience in industrial processes and business life to better comprehend your situation and offer proper advice and help.

Prosacon has specialized in consulting services and the implementation of REACH, i.e. REACH Consulting. Our aim is to support our clients not only in an efficient implementation of the regulatory aspects of REACH but also to promote their business activities in parallel.

REACH Consulting means to support the clients so effectively they could not do it better on their own.

From a REACH consultant's point of view, the aim should be not only to fulfil but rather to exceed the client's expectations by revealing regulatory aspects he would not have recognized on his own and to care for his client's efficient implementation of the comprehensive law. Main objectives of REACH Consulting are:

  • The prevention
    • of damages in case of noncompliance with legal requirements, i.e. the prevention of fines or even prison sentences;
    • of claims for indemnification from customers and suppliers;
    • of claims for indemnification from your or your customers' employees who still have, or had contact with your chemicals in the past.
  • To sustain your business, i.e.
    • being allowed to manufacture and sell your products also in future like today;
    • being able to obtain the current raw-materials also in future and to utilise them as before;
    • keeping the cost burden caused by REACH as low as possible – regarding both the implementation of REACH as such as well as the raw-materials and the production processes.
  • To gain competitive advantages, i.e. to be better than your competitors – also under REACH.

You can read >>here how to implement REACH Consulting in practice and where to get support.

The REACH Consultant Prosacon offers you comprehensive and custom-tailored support. >>More (in English or in German language)

You will find more Information about the special role of an only representative under REACH (in English) or about the globally harmonised system (in German) on the indicated websites.

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